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Photos Kay on 13 Jun 2007

Flickr in Spanish!

The site where we keep our photos Flickr is now also available in Spanish.

Photos Kay on 09 Apr 2007

Great Easter Fun

Several of the friends and members of our club who had remained in Santo Domingo over the holidays had a great time meeting every afternoon in the park.

From Thursday to Sunday we met at the old fountain between caseta 5 and 6 and, since the place is fenced in, our dogs got a lot of chance to run and play.


Including also a photo-op with some slightly uncooperative, but never-the-less beautiful, Basset Hounds.


Many more photos can be found as usual in the Caseta 6 photo album.

Photos Kay on 26 Mar 2007


I’m posting the photos from the meetings on Saturdays on Flickr…

Caseta 6 <- click here to go to Flickr. New photos are added at the bottom of the page